Shuddhi Vidhya, a non-profit initiative by Shuddhi Trust, aspires to transform the way education is conducted. We wish to reform how education is perceived and how it is approached across the country. We want to make education engaging, meaningful and practical to everyone undergoing it.

Shuddhi Vidhya is at the very early stages in its movement towards these goals. We currently partner with rural schools to teach Computer Programming and Web Development to underprivileged children for free. We use project-based learning, independent learning and self-paced learning among other novel pedagogical methods to teach personally meaningful and financially empowering skills to those who need it the most. And we are constantly looking for ways to do it in a manner that is most engaging to kids.

We encourage kids to focus on learning to learn, rather than memorizing facts. We then offer them a way to exhibit their learning through creative projects that are independently designed and executed by them. This method of doing things keeps it engaging for them and gives them creative control to express themselves through their learning, while also enhancing their employability prospects.

We believe doing this at a large scale is essential to open the world up to the vast populations of eager young minds that are yet to have fair opportunities to express themselves fully to the world.